DIY Guide: How to Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof in 5 Easy Steps

Asphalt Shingle Roof for your Rockwall Texas house. Get 40 to 50 year asphalt roofing shingles.
Asphalt Shingle Roof for your Rockwall Texas house. Get 40 to 50 year asphalt roofing shingles.

Are you tired of constantly patching up your old, worn-out roof? Or maybe it’s time for a change in style and color? Whatever the reason may be, replacing an asphalt shingle roof can seem like a daunting task. But fear not! With our DIY guide and just five easy steps, you’ll have a brand new roof over your head in no time. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to curb appeal with this simple yet effective process. Grab some tools and let’s get started on transforming your home!

Introduction to Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material in the United States, and for good reason. They’re affordable, easy to install, and last 20-30 years with proper maintenance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to replace an asphalt shingle roof in just a few easy steps. We also recomend that you upgrade your shingles to 40-50-year shingles. The upgrade will not cost much and well worth it.

First, remove the old shingles by prying them up with a crowbar and pulling them off of the nails. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when doing this. Next, measure the area of your roof and cut the new shingles to size. Apply a layer of asphalt roofing cement to the back of each new shingle and nail it into place.

Once all of the new shingles are in place, apply a bead of caulk around the edges of the roof to seal everything up. Clean up any debris and dispose of it properly. That’s it! You’ve now successfully replaced your asphalt shingle roof.

Step 1: Removing the Old Roof

Assuming that you have already gathered the necessary tools and materials for the job, the first step in replacing an asphalt shingle roof is to remove the old roof. This can be done by starting at one end of the roof and working your way across, lifting up each shingle and removing any nails or staples that are holding it in place. Once all of the old shingles have been removed, you will need to dispose of them properly.

Step 2: Preparing the Deck

Assuming your roof is ready to be replaced, the first thing you need to do is prep the deck. This means removing all the old shingles and any nails or staples holding them in place. You also need to remove any felt paper or other materials that may be on the deck. Once the deck is clear, you can inspect it for any damage and make repairs as necessary.

Step 3: Installing the Underlayment

Assuming you have already removed the old roofing material and felt paper, you will now install an asphalt-based underlayment. This provides a secondary barrier against water and ice dams. For this step, you will need a utility knife, scissors, and either a hammer or nail gun.

  1. Start by unrolling the underlayment and cutting it to size with the utility knife.
  2. Lay the underlayment down on the roof deck, starting at the bottom edge of the roof and working your way up.
  3. Overlap each row of underlayment by about 3 inches (7.6 cm).
  4. Use either nails or staples to secure the underlayment in place.
  5. Trim off any excess material around the edges of the roof with scissors.

Step 4: Laying the Shingles

Assuming you have made it to this step, congratulations! You are now ready to lay down the shingles. This part is relatively easy but will take some time. Make sure to measure the area you are working on and cut the shingles accordingly. It is important to make sure the shingles fit snugly against each other so that no water or air can get through.

Once you have cut the shingles, it’s time to start nailing them down. Begin at the bottom row and work your way up. Make sure to overlap each shingle as you go so that they are all securely in place. Once you reach the top, congratulations! You have now successfully replaced your asphalt shingle roof.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

After you have replaced all of the asphalt shingles on your roof, it is time for some finishing touches. These steps will ensure that your new roof lasts for many years to come.

  1. Inspect your work: Once you have finished installing the new asphalt shingles, take a step back and inspect your work. Make sure that all of the shingles are securely in place and there are no gaps.
  2. Seal the edges: To help prevent water from seeping under the shingles, seal the edges with asphalt roofing cement.
  3. Apply a top coat: A top coat of asphalt roofing cement will further protect your roof and help it last longer.
  4. Inspect again: After you have applied the top coat, inspect your work again to make sure that everything is still in place and there are no leaks.
  5. Enjoy your new roof: With these simple steps, you have successfully replaced your old roof with a brand new one!

Conclusion to Asphalt Shingles

Replacing an asphalt shingle roof is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following these five easy steps, you can get the job done quickly and effectively. Make sure to take your time and do it right the first time in order to avoid any costly mistakes or future repairs down the line. With some patience and hard work, you’ll soon have a brand new asphalt shingle roof that will last for years to come!

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Rockwall Roofing – Repair or Replace Roof

Rockwall Roofing Repair and Replacement - New roof put on a house in Rockwall, Texas.
Rockwall Roofing Repair and Replacement – New Roof

Choosing to change out or fix a roof is greatly determined by timing. You do not intend to reroof prematurely and lose cash, yet you do not want to wait too long. At Rockwall Roofing, we understand situations like this and can help you decide whether to repair or replace the roof of your house.

Ultimately, all roofs wear out and must be changed at some point. In a limited economic climate, the choice regarding when to fix it is exceptionally significant. You’ll squander cash if you do it too soon. However, if you wait too long, you may have leaks and possible water damage. You must recognize how to evaluate your roofing’s general conditions to obtain the right time. By doing this, you can determine very early indicators of roofing failure.

A brand-new roof is the outside redesigning task with the greatest return on investment, according to the NAR 2022 Remodeling Impact Report. The ROI (return on investment) will probably come in at around $12,000, matching the job’s $12,000 regular nationwide price. More than 50% of the customers claimed they purchased a brand-new roofing system to update their old, damaged roof. They were happy with the outcome of the roof replacement, with a rating of NINE out of a possible TEN. Despite those excellent statistics, fixing a roof makes sense if most of your rooftop is still healthy and in good condition. Yet if the roof reveals indicators of wear and tear or is more than 20 years old, changing it out might be the best way to go.

Look Out for Early Signs of a Roof Leak

You must be able to intend for needed repair services if you examine your roofing problem at the very least each year. Early indications of the problem consist of the following:

– Dark locations or areas on the ceiling
– Peeling paint on the bottom of roofing overhangs
– Damp places by the fireplace
– Water discolorations on pipelines, air vents, the water heater, or the heating system

You can see the condition of your roof covering outdoors. You may need to get a ladder and walk your roof to see its condition. Look for the following issues:

– Cracked, caulked, tears, or corrosion areas
– Shingles bending, wrinkling, blistering, or missing a lot of gravel have bear places.
– Worn locations around smoke shafts, skylights, chimneys, and pipes sticking up.

Any of the above issues is a negative indication of roofing problems that might lead to a roof replacement. If you discover heaps of grit and/or gravel from asphalt roofing shingles in the rain gutters is an indication of roof damage. The granules protect the roofing from the sunlight’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Black algae spots are simply aesthetic, yet masses of moss and lichen can indicate degeneration beneath the roof shingles.

Obtain an expert analysis if you’re examining on your own and locate uneasy indicators. If the roofing is old or there has been a tornado with hefty wind or hailstorm, that’s a particularly great suggestion. The ordinary nationwide expense is around $210. Some roofing companies will do a standard examination completely free before doing the job– licensed roofing system experts from the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association fee based upon the marketplace.

When Do Repairs Make Sense To Your Rockwall Roof

You can generally fix a leak in a Rockwall roof. The expense could vary from $10 if you sprayed some roofing mastic right into space along the smoke shaft to $300 to $1,000 to take care of a leakage in a roofing system valley. If something unpredicted as well as unexpected, like a hurricane or tornado, creates a leak to show up, your homeowner’s insurance policy will most likely cover getting it fixed. However, you’re still in charge of restricting the damages, so produce pails and attempt to obtain a neighborhood roofing contractor to spread out a tarp while you schedule repair work. Insurance policy might not cover troubles from a damaged roofing system or absence of upkeep.

The Cost of Re-roofing Your Rockwall House

Repairing roof damage in Rockwall, Texas when there is a leak. Hail damage is a big problem in Texas that causes many roof to fail.
Rockwall Roofing – Repairing roof damage in Rockwall, Texas.

Removing an old rooftop covering and starting all over again by putting on a new roof usually sets you back somewhere around $4 a square foot for an asphalt roofing system on a one-story home without any valleys or anything fancy or out of the norm. You might be able to leave an existing solitary layer of old roofing shingles and include a 2nd layer in addition to the one you are putting on. A roof covering overlay is considerably less costly and might set you back 20% to 40% less than a substitute. This may feel like a clever means to conserve. However, it’s an incorrect economic climate unless you’re so pressed for cash that your other alternative is to take the chance of leakages.

The 2nd layer will not last as long, just around 15 years instead of the basic 20-years. As well as, you will not obtain brand-new blinking or underlayment or the chance to update to attributes that make a roof covering more powerful. And also, when you offer, your re-covered roofing system will look a little bumpy. Also, possible customers might translate both layers as an indication that house enhancements were likewise made on the inexpensive.

Make Certain to Factor in Hidden Costs

Do not simply look at the overall when you review proposals. A simplistic price quote may include a layer of 15-pound structure paper under the roof. Nonetheless, a far better, extra costly proposition consists of 30-pound paper plus self-stick rubbery product along the eaves to shield versus damages from ice dams. Recommendations could also vary in whether they include the price of taking care of the old roof covering, per-hour prices for architectural repair services, and gutter-related prices.

Inspect whether the business is accredited and guaranteed when working with a professional. Likewise, talk about how the team will undoubtedly decrease landscape design damages and that it will certainly spend for any type of that happens. Arrange the roofing system job throughout dry weather conditions, when possible, so your yard takes much less pounding. When the roofing is half-done, you’ll rest far better if you’re not fretting about rainfall coming in.

Get the Most From Rockwall Roofing

A brand-new roof covering isn’t something most households are enjoyed acquire. Yet obtaining numerous gains from it simplifies it to fork over the cash. As part of a brand-new roof covering task, you can integrate many attributes that make your house much more eco-friendly. Several of those might get a government tax obligation credit history to counter the expense, utilizing IRS Form 5965. You can select a roof that’s extra immune to fire or damages from the wind and hail storms, which might certify you for a price cut on your house owner’s insurance plan.

Final Thoughts On Roofing – Call Rockwall Roofing

More than 50% of the customers surveyed claimed they got a brand-new roof because they desired to update an old damaged roof and have it look better. Changing the surface area with new coatings and products ups the value of a house and makes it easier to sell. Some roofing companies will do a fundamental assessment of your roof totally free of charge.

You can generally fix leaks in a roof reasonably quickly. The expense could vary from $10 if you sprayed some roofing mastic right into a space with a smoke shaft comes out to $300 to $1,000 to repair a leak in a roofing valley. Removing off an old roof covering and beginning over commonly costs $4 a square foot for an asphalt roofing system on a one-story residence with no valleys or infiltrations.

Many leaks in a roof can be patched up with a $20 can of tar and an old paintbrush. You may have to make several tar applications, but it usually works. You may have to replace a couple of shingles to fix a leak. The hard part is finding where the leak is coming from. If you find exactly where the leak is, the fixing part is easy. It can be as easy as a nail head popping up and needs a little tar and pounding down. Yes, it can be that simple! 

Call Rockwall Roofing the next time you have a leak somewhere on your roof. You may need us if a hail storm has come through your area and you think your roof may have suffered damage. If there is damage, we can give you some options for handling this with your insurance company. Rockwall Roofing offers free roof inspections. Call to make an appointment!